8 Reasons to take Yin Yoga Teacher Training


One of the most wonderful aspects of Yin Yoga Teacher training is that everyone in your class is there to learn and is just as curious as you are. The knowledge and support you can gain from your instructors and fellow trainees might surprise you! You will learn about human anatomy, the history of Yin Yoga and how to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine into your everyday life. You will learn things that you never knew you actually wanted to know, and you will never think of your yoga practice the same.


Another great side effect of Yin Yoga Teacher Training is the deepening of your personal practice. As you dig deeper into anatomy and philosophy and learn more about how your body works, your personal practice flourishes! 


Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a great way to dip your toes into alternative healing methods. Not only do you dive into the practice of Yin Yoga, but also that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Yoga Nidra, Myofascial Release & mindfulness. Your friends, family and students alike will all benefit from the rejuvenating methodologies you will pick up from the training!

This is by far one of the most rewarding parts of a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. We live in a world of go…go…go…and often times the yoga practice can mimic that. In vigorous practices ease can be somewhat elusive to find. Truly delving into a yoga practice, even if for you it is purely on a physical level, means finding equanimity; balance of effort and ease. Yin yoga introduces harmony in the body and potentially beyond!

Yin Yoga Teacher Training can be demanding and challenging, but you will come out on the other side better off than you were before. These challenges will come in all shapes and sizes, possibly learning something new about the human body that flips everything you thought you knew upside down or deciding how to incorporate the teaching of mindfulness into your current belief system. Regardless, when you look back on the whole experience, you’ll find all your challenges had positive outcomes.


Yin takes you to a deeper level in the physical body. Learning about fascia (connective tissue), what it is and the benefits of a practice that intentionally stresses it will blow your mind! 


How many times in your life can you say you learned how to do nothing (and do it well)? In our culture, the act of doing nothing is frowned upon and we reward the overworked, over tired, and over-stressed.  We are taught to push ourselves well into exhaustion often times leading to break downs physically, mentally and emotionally. In Yin YTT you learn, through practices such as meditation, what looks like doing nothing can actually be the biggest "something" in your life. 


Learn how to be a teacher that caters to every body that walks in your room. Through anatomical and practical knowledge gained, you will not only be able to teach Yin Yoga confidently, but any prior or future modalities under your belt will be boosted as well!

Ready to take the dive into your future of Yin Yoga?

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