Invest in your future as a Yin yoga teacher by individualizing your learning through private mentoring. By offering several packages to fit the needs of all levels of teachers, you can hone your Yin teaching skills and meet your potential in a manner and time frame that fits your lifestyle.

Private Mentoring Sessions 

12 Sessions 

Recommended for those who have gone some time (years) since they last attended a Yin YTT and would like an in-depth refresher course.

8 Sessions

Recommended for those who have taken a Yin YTT in the past 2 years and would like a brush up and/or expansion of existing knowledge.

4 Sessions

Recommended for those who recently graduated a Yin YTT and would like to assimilate knowledge more fully through an individual learning experience


4 Sessions - $200

8 Sessions - $375

12 Sessions - $550

Please Note: Private mentoring is not meant to replace a YYTT program, but compliment training already taken.

Previous Yin Yoga Teacher Training is REQUIRED prior to private mentoring.